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May 2, 2021
Series:Good Grief
This week Ian explores the mistakes that Job’s friend’s made, suggests several helpful things that people can do to support those who grieve and invites all people to see part of God’s call upon them as being a comforter to those who grieve. All music is produced under the following CCLI licenses: Streaming License: 1798914...
April 25, 2021
Series:Good Grief
Romans 5:1-5 The journey with grief is a journey that has pitfalls. As we journey we need to be careful and avoid these pitfalls. On the other hand the journey with grief can also be one of the most profitable experiences of life if we respond to it positively. In our reading Paul talks about...
April 18, 2021
Series:Good Grief
2 Samuel 18:29 – 33 David was grieving not just the death of his son. He was also grieving the loss of dreams that he had for his son and the pain of their strained relationship. His grief was multi-layered and complex. This is so often true of our own grief. All music is produced...
April 11, 2021
Series:Good Grief
Scripture Reading: John 16: 29-33 On this first week of the series we will be looking at the possibility of preparing for grief, the sermon will make the point that Grief is a crisis we prepare for in ordinary times. In our reading which is part of Jesus’s farewell discourse to the disciples, we see...

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Principles for helping the grieving
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Principles for helping the grieving
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Principles for helping the grieving
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Principles for helping the grieving
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