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The Beginning of the Good News

March 1, 2020

Dear friends

Lent is underway, and today we start our preaching series “Mark’s Jesus, My Jesus”. To use a cricket analogy, Mark’s gospel is the T20 of gospels! It is fast moving and gets right to the point. 

In the first chapter Jesus enters the stage, gets baptised, calls his disciples, does some healing and exorcisms, and still finds time for prayer and solitude! In just the 15th verse, we already know the the core of Jesus’ message: The Kingdom of God is here, repent and believe the good news! Today we will explore what this message means. 

My hope is that this period of Lent would be one where you are able to walk closely with Jesus, using Mark’s gospel as a guide. If you haven’t decided to give up something or add a spiritual discipline to your daily life for the period of Lent, it’s not too late! Take this as permission to start today. And may you experience Lent 2020 as an opportunity to see more clearly what Jesus is calling you to, as he continues to build his Kingdom here on earth.