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Everywhere I go

May 31, 2020
Series:Be Free

What does freedom in Christ look like in the middle of a pandemic? Can we speak of joy and hope while all around us there is uncertainty and fear? In this series, we’ll explore Paul’s letter to the Philippian Christ-followers. We’ll uncover what Paul, writing from his own lockdown called prison, discovered about what it looks like to be free in Christ.


Our Messages

ByRev Ian France
ByRev Siphiwe Madi


Rev Ian France Senior Minister
Senior Minister
Rev Siphiwe Madi Minister
James Rogers Youth Pastor
Youth Pastor

Sermon Series

Everywhere I go
2 Sermon(s)
Everywhere I go
4 Sermon(s)
Everywhere I go
6 Sermon(s)
Everywhere I go
3 Sermon(s)