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WhatsApp News and Daily Devotions

July 28, 2020

At the moment you can sign up for 2 things on WVs WhatsApp channel. News & Daily devotions. To register for either or both of these services you need to follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Save the WV number as a contact on your phone.
  2. WhatsApp your name & surname to the newly saved WV contact.
  3. WhatsApp the word News, or Devotion, or both, to sign up for the messages that you want to receive.

If you at any time, would like to unsubscribe you may simply WhatsApp the words “Stop Devo”, or “Stop news”

WhatsApp service has a strict OPT IN policy. That means we can under no circumstances send you a message without your permission first. Not even one. To give WV permission you must save the number as a contact on your phone. This way when the message is sent out by WhatsApp it will pick our number saved on your phone and know that we have your consent.


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