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Sign up for West View's WhatsApp messages

April 8, 2020

Step 1: Save the West View cell number as a contact on your phone: 072 537 2384

Step 2: Open WhatsApp on your phone

Step 3: Message your name and surname to the West View number


Don’t phone this number or send SMS’s to it. The number has been opened solely for the West View WhatsApp broadcasting platform and Prayer Requests. Use 012 660 2572 for calls to the office.

Once you have signed up for the platform, please do not respond or post on this platform anything other than prayer requests. We have over 350 people on this platform and we don’t have the resources to monitor messages other than prayer requests.

As this is not a WhatsApp Group, posts from anyone other than the administrator will not be received. When we post updates on the platform, please don’t forward them on to West View WhatsApp groups that you are on. It’s irritating to receive the same post on multiple groups. Rather encourage those on your Home Group or Volunteer Group to join the platform themselves. This will also enable us to monitor who we are reaching through our posts.

Feel free to share our messages to Family and Friends who are not part of the West View community.


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