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West View e-Letter

May 25, 2023

 Dear West View Family We have officially come to the end of a long Resurrection season, which we hope and pray has been profoundly challenging in our desire for a more authentic and life–giving relationship with God. As the West View staff, we are constantly and continually praying that each member and attendee within our congregation continues to know the transformative love of Christ within them, so as to bring light and life into the darkness and discouragement that currently overshadows our country. However, as one season ends, another busy and event–filled season begins. Therefore, we would like to keep you up to date and informed about the many opportunities at West View in the upcoming month for spiritual growth, service, socializing and Spirit–filled community events. So, please consider some of the following areas of involvement as you continue your Discipleship journey.

INTRODUCING OUR DUKE DIVINITY STUDENT: LEAH BENN MILLER It has become a tradition and practice at West View to host a student from Duke Divinity School in the USA for a few months in order to play a role in their formation for future ministry. We therefore welcome Leah Miller as the student who is placed with us in 2023. We will be formally introducing her to the congregation in both services this coming Sunday (28th May 2023) as well as giving her the Family Cross. Therefore, please take the time to meet her, make her feel welcome at West View and commit yourself to praying for her experience in South Africa as well as her formation for her calling and vocation. Leah is currently pursuing ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. She is also a classically trained pianist and singer and has led both contemporary and traditional worship music for churches, chapels, and special events for the past 13 years. Leah is currently hired as the Worship Leader at her church in North Carolina, and regularly leads contemporary and Taizé worship for chapel services at Duke. We will also have the opportunity and privilege of hearing her preach a few services during her time with us.

NEW SERMON SERIES : ‘QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED’ Jesus was fond of asking questions, many of which cut right to the heart of what it means to be human. Who do you say I am? Why are you so afraid? Why do you worry? What do you live for? Who will you love? What are you looking for? In our upcoming sermon series entitled ‘Questions Jesus Asked’, you are invited to explore six of the most provocative questions Jesus posed to others and guides us in answering them for ourselves.
Asking these questions takes courage. Not only do they reveal what Jesus really cares about, they open a window into our hearts. We all have questions for God, but growth happens when we turn things around and ask what Jesus wants to know about us. When we dare to raise them, these questions bring us a fuller appreciation for the wisdom, power, and presence of God in our lives. Are you willing to step out in faith? Are you ready to answer the questions Jesus asked? Join us for this exciting journey from Sunday, the 4th of June 2023.

MAY ‘TITHE AND STEWARDSHIP’ MONTH AT WEST VIEW As we near the end of May as ‘Tithe and Stewardship’ month here at West View, we are called to take a look at how our stewardship and generosity can be an extension of our love for God and the building of God’s Kingdom. What does it mean to be a faithful steward of our possessions, but also a generous giver towards God’s work at West View? This is the central question we are called to wrestle with as we seek to make our church a community where life change happens.
We are fully aware that money is a sensitive issue to talk about, especially in the current difficult financial and economic climate. However, the bleak facts about West View’s finances at the moment are as follows: On average, we are currently receiving about R400 000 in tithes, offerings and pledges on a monthly basis. This leaves us with a shortfall of R80 000 every month, which we hope that all of us would agree is a major cause for concern. We would therefore like to place a challenge before you to make a collective effort to give a maximum amount of R600 000. This may seem like a mountain to climb, but with hearts that are touched by the love of God, our communal generosity can make this possible. Then, once May Tithe Month is over, we make the call to each and every person who is not tithing on a monthly basis, to please prayerfully consider doing so. And then for those of who do tithe regularly, to prayerfully consider not just giving more generously for this month, but hopefully for the rest of the year.
If you would like to make a financial contribution to West View, please take a pledge form from the church entrance, or email for more details. Kindly update your pledge details with us, as this assists us to plan properly and budget accordingly.

CHURCH EXPRESS FOR MAY : SOCIAL MEDIA AND ITS PRESSURES For many of us, social media plays a pivotal role in shaping and informing our worldview and expectations. Therefore, we would like to remind everyone that our Church Express worship service will also be taking place this Sunday, the 28th of May 2023, at 18h00. Church Express is an interactive service wherein you can expect to worship God through lively and youthful music, receive Holy Communion and participate by listening and contributing to a Q&A session devoted to a pressing and controversial topic. Our topic for this Sunday is: Social Media and its pressures. Even though this service is geared towards youth and young adults, it is considered to be a service just like any other and should receive the same commitment. So, please do join us and invite a friend as we unpack the potentially dangerous and potentially powerful side of social media.

YOUNG ADULTS AND YOUTH PAINTBALL As we continue to grow our ministry to and with young adults, we recognize the importance of creating social spaces and events for young people to connect with one another. Therefore, we would like to extend an invitation to any youth and young adults to join us for paintball on Saturday, the 3rd of June, at 12h00 at CryWolf. Please note that the cost will be R200 per person. Should you be interested in attending, please respond to Elvis (061 953 3212 or by the 1st of June 2023.

YOUNG DAY: CIRCUIT SPORT DAY On the 16th of June, on an annual basis, we commemorate the historical role that young people have played in the development of our country. However, this day also provides an opportunity for us to cultivate unity amongst young people, despite the enormous amount of challenges that confront them. Therefore, we will be having a sports day involving all of the Methodist churches in the broader Centurion area to participate in this fun event. All parents, children, youth and young adults are invited to play various games and sports right here at West View on Youth Day. Please note that various food items and cooldrinks will be on sale, and that the specific time(s) will be confirmed and communicated soon.

With the winter school holidays fast approaching, we realize that many children get bored and don’t know what to do with all of the free time on their hands. We also understand that this can lead to untold frustration for parents. Therefore, we have chosen to host the WINTER HOLIDAY CLUB. This fun, interactive and enjoyable experience is open to all children from Grade R to Grade 7 and will be taking place from the 26th to the 30th of June 2023 at West View. Please note that the cost will be R50 per child per day. All parents who are interested in sending their children to Winter Holiday Club are kindly requested to contact Manti at

We kindly request and ask that, when attending church, attendees please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the service starts (this concern applies more specifically to the 10h00 service). The reason for this call to be punctual is that we have noticed that there is often disorder and confusion caused due to late coming, especially for our Rooted Youth and Children’s Church ministries who have to register and sign children in, before receiving them into classrooms. We hope and trust that this concern will be received with understanding as we seek to make West View a place that is mindful of all who worship here.

Our motto at West View is that this is a community and congregation ‘Where life change happens’. And yet, we know that this life change only takes place through relationships that facilitate a loving accountability, responsibility and a call to grow in ways that are both comfortable and uncomfortable. Staying true to our Methodist ethos and tradition, we believe that small groups (otherwise known as home or Bible study groups) are the perfect environment for transformation to take place. We would like to make the call to as many people as possible to get plugged into a group where you are challenged to study Scripture, pray for others and be prayed for, and exercise mutual care. Therefore, should you be interested in joining a Bible study group, please contact Nicola at

As the leadership of West View, we have been facilitating and participating in conversations relating to rethinking and reimagining what an online ministry looks like that serves our congregation more effectively whilst expanding our reach into the wider world. Due to this intentional process, we have decided to set aside a day whereby we would welcome the input of the members of West View regarding this new possibility. Therefore, all are invited to join us on Saturday, the 24th of June 2023, at the West View campus to explore and brainstorm together with us. Please note that the specific time communicated in due course.

IMPORTANT DATES Church Express: Sunday, 28th May 2023, at 18h00 (Luke Hall)

Youth and Young Adults Paintball: Saturday, 3rd June 2023, at 12h00 (CryWolf)

Start of new sermon series (‘Questions Jesus Asked’): Sunday, 4th June 2023

Baptism Preparation Course: Saturday, 10th June 2023

Baptism Service: Sunday, 18th June 2023

Circuit Sports Day: Friday, 16th June 2023 at West View

Online service re – imagination meeting: Saturday, 24th June 2023

Winter Holiday Club: 26th to 30th June 2023

Your Servant for Christ’s sake,


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