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West View e-Letter

October 28, 2022

Dear West View Family:

NEW PREACHING SERIES starting 06 November

I didn’t say that – Things the Bible DOESN’T SAY

This November, we’re exploring a few of the phrases that many attribute to the Bible but are not actually in the Bible at all. We’ll discover that phrases wrongly attributed to God can distort our understanding of who God is and leave us struggling to love God and trust God.

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer need, we have a simple and easy way of that need getting to the prayer team;
Please WhatsApp your prayer requests to the West View cellphone.


The MWA would like to thank all who donated to Jumble, as their recent sale was a huge success.


New Preaching Series 6 November

CQM 17 November @ Elim Methodist Church


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