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West View e-Letter

January 29, 2024

Dear West View Family

New Year’s greetings to the West View family and community,
We would like to wish you and your loved ones a very blessed, joyful and prosperous new year for 2024. As the dust settles on the Festive Season and we are reminded that our usual routines and schedules have resumed; we pray that God’s Spirit and grace would give you the necessary vision to see unique and innovative ways of sharing God’s love in the lives of those who cross your path. Our hope is that you and your family, through prayer and participation, would partner with us to make growth, expansion and mission an even greater reality for West View in the upcoming year. Our aim is that the ministry that we offer at West View would always bless and benefit you in your journey with Christ and assist you to connect authentically with other believers. Please do invite loved ones, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances to be a part of the West View family. Here’s what’s on offer through West View in the next few weeks:

The Bible is a story of promises, stretching from God’s covenant with Noah, to similar covenants with Abraham, Moses and David. In our upcoming sermon series for Lent, we will explore each of the four major Old Testament covenants and see how they impacted the people who entered into those covenants with God. Furthermore, we will unpack how God remembered His people and His covenants with them, as well as how each of those covenants relate to Jesus’ journey to the cross. We will also explain how God’s covenants impact our own lives and the world today, in light of Easter and the resurrection of Christ.
Join us at West View on this journey through Scripture to discover the faithfulness of God’s promises throughout history. This Lent, invite your friends and colleagues to reflect on God’s covenants, discover new meaning in the cross of Christ and faithfully remember the God who remembers us. This sermon series starts on Sunday, the 18th of February 2024.

Please take note of the latest financial update for West View for the months of November and December 2023: The total giving for November was R403 407.70, which was R76 592.30BELOW budget for the month. The total giving for December was R373 253.86, which was R106 746.14BELOW budget for the month. With our Christmas Day collection we were able to give R10 563.00 to Ditshego, which enables them to continue to do the crucial work of caring for and educating children who come from the Mooiplaas informal settlement.
This is where our overall finances stood for 2023: We had received a total of R4 952 459.99 in pledges, offerings and tithes. This leaves us with a total shortfall of R807 504.01 for the year 2023.
We know that everyone has felt the financial pressure and pinch throughout last year. So, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and every person who has contributed financially to West View throughout 2023; your sacrificial giving during these difficult times does not go unnoticed and has made it possible for us to do what we do. Thank you so much!

By giving us an indication as to what your monthly financial contribution towards the work of God will be at West View, you will be assisting us to set up a budget that is as realistic and calculated as possible for this new year. If you would like to update your monthly financial contribution to West View for 2024, please take a pledge form from the foyer area in the church entrance and give it to the steward on duty once you’ve completed it, or email with your expected monthly offering and tithe.

All men are invited to the annual Men @ Work breakfast on Saturday, the 10th of February 2024, at the Hennops Park Lapa. The breakfast will start at 07h00 for 07h30, and it will be R75 per person. This feel will include a full breakfast as well as bottomless tea and coffee. Feel free to bring along a friend or your son, if they are 16 years of age or older. So, come join us for a morning of fellowship and relaxation, with some good food. Should you be interested in attending, please RSVP to Adrian by the 1st of February 2024, via email at or on 082 902 9376.

We would like to inform that we have temporarily postponed our ‘Serve Saturdays’ initiative until further notice. In due course, we will inform the congregation and community of our plans and intentions for this ministry, so that you can join hands with us to reach out to Centurion and make a tangible and visible difference. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused by this postponement, but please watch this space. Exciting times await us as a church!

Would you like to discover your spirituals gifts? At West View we believe that the primary sign of a growing Christian is that they serve the people around them and the church that they’re plugged into. However, we also know that many Christians don’t know what their spiritual gifts and strengths are. Therefore, we would like everyone to come and join us for the Network Course, as we assist you to uncover your spiritual gifts, identify your personal style and pursue your God-given passion for serving in the body of Christ and the world. This is a three-week course which runs every Thursday from the 1st to the 15th of February 2024, from 18h30 until 20h30 here at West View. Should you be interested in joining, please RSVP to Lesley at or fill in your details on the sign-up form in the church foyer.

Confirmation is a year-long journey for teenagers to be taught and discipled in our Christian beliefs and practices. It also provides a safe space for young people to ask the difficult and necessary questions about their faith, have robust conversation and debates about controversial issues and grow in their understanding of the Bible, prayer, spiritual gifts and community.
We would like to invite all the parents of potential confirmation students to a Parents Information Day, which will take place at West View on Sunday, the 4th of February 2024, at 11h30. Our youth pastor, Elvis, will provide the necessary information and expectations for confirmation participants at this meeting; and will afford parents an opportunity to ask any questions. Confirmation classes will start at West View on Sunday, the 11th of February 2024, at 11h30. For more information please contact Elvis via email at

With the first school term for 2024 now well and truly under way, we would like to remind all parents, children and teenagers that our Children’s Church and Rooted Youth ministries are up and running once again. Children’s Church offers a fun and interactive environment for children to learn about Christ and deepen their friendship with God. Children’s Church takes place every Sunday during the 08h00 and 10h00 services. Rooted Youth is a relevant and relaxed ministry environment for teenagers to be taught to take ownership of their own faith so that they are anchored in Jesus. Rooted Youth takes place every Sunday during the 10h00 service.
We would like to encourage parents to bring their younger children and teenagers to Children’s Church and Rooted Youth. Should you need more information about Children’s Church, please contact our children’s pastor (Manti) via email at Should you wish to know more about Rooted Youth, please contact our youth pastor (Elvis) via email at

We would like to invite all small group leaders and potential leaders to join us for a training and equipping session that will take place at West View on Saturday, the 10th of February 2024, from 11h00 until 13h00. Deacon Fourie, who is currently stationed at Willows Methodist Church in Pretoria, will facilitate and lead the session for us. We would like to encourage you to invite potential small group leaders from the congregation who you believe have a call and gifting to nurturing other people’s spirituality and walk with Jesus. Should you be interested in joining, please RSVP to our receptionist (Lesley) via email at

Staying true to our Methodist ethos and tradition, we believe that small groups (Otherwise known as home or Bible study groups) are the perfect environment for transformation and teaching to take place. We would like to make the call to as many people as possible to get plugged into a group where you are challenged to study Scripture, pray for others and be prayed for, and exercise mutual care. Therefore, should you be interested in joining a small group or Bible study group in 2024, please contact Lesley at

Should you, or someone that you know, be interested in becoming a full member of West View Methodist Church; please take note that our Foundation Course will be starting on Tuesday, the 27th of February 2024. The Foundation Course is 4 – week long online course that educates and informs potential new members of West View about our beliefs, our practices and our expectations for those who choose to call West View their spiritual home. In order to include yourself in this process and pathway for membership, please contact Lesley at and communicate your intention to attend the Foundation Course. We look forward to meeting you!

Network Course: Starts on Thursday, the 1st of February 2024, from 18h30 until 20h30
Annual Society Meeting (ASM): Sunday, the 4th of February 2024, after the 10h00 service
Parents Information Day for Confirmation: Sunday, the 4th of February 2024, at 11h30
Men @ Work Breakfast: Saturday, the 10th of February 2024, 07h00 for 07h30 @ Hennops Park Lapa
Small Group Leaders Training: Saturday, the 10th of February 2024, from 11h00 until 13h00
First Confirmation Class for 2024: Sunday, the 11th of February, at 11h30
Start of Lent Sermon Series: Sunday, the 18th of February 2024
Foundation Course for New Members: Tuesday, the 27th of February 2024, via Zoom
Children’s Church: Every Sunday at 08h00 and 10h00
Rooted Youth: Every Sunday at 10h00
Your Servant for Christ’ sake,


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