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West View e-Letter

October 27, 2023

Dear West View Family Greetings and blessings to the West View community,
It appears winter is now well and truly behind us, as the cold and chilly weather has given way to hot and humid summer days and nights. As this year has flown by so quickly, with all of its pressures and challenges, our prayer is that you and your family would be able to slow down and take a breath as you become aware of how God has kept and carried you through some tough and tumultuous times. We also hope and continue to pray, that just as the season has changed, that God will continue to work his transforming grace in Christ in your lives. We trust that West View Methodist Church will continue to be a space and a place where a diverse group of people continue to encounter that life–changing goodness of God. As you have a look at what’s happening at West View in the coming weeks, may God bless you and your loved ones.

NEW SERMON SERIES: ‘JESUS REVEALED: THE I AM STATEMENTS IN THE GOSPEL OF JOHN’. Discover Jesus’ character through the “I AM” statements; Light. Bread. Shepherd. Life. The Gospel of John uses these and other symbols to paint a picture of who Jesus is. Through the “I Am” statements Jesus describes himself with rich images, showing us that He is both fully human and fully divine, and that He calls us as his followers.
In our upcoming five – week sermon series entitled ‘Jesus Revealed: The I AM Statements in the Gospel of John, we invite you to explore the “I AM” statements in John as works of art that resonate throughout the Gospel and all of Scripture. Find out how these words point beyond themselves to the deep mystery of Jesus Christ. Join us at West View Methodist Church on this journey and experience the profound truth at the heart of the “I AM” statements: that Jesus is light and life, and he calls us to himself and offers us the hope of resurrection. This sermon series runs from this Sunday, the 29th of October 2023 until Sunday, the 26th of November 2023. We encourage you to invite anyone to church for this series who might be seeking a deeper understanding of who Jesus is.

AN UPDATE ON WEST VIEW’S FINANCES Please take note of the latest financial update for West View: The total giving for September was R519 093.38, which is R39 093.37ABOVE budget for the month. This is where our overall finances currently stand: To date, we have received R3 749 430.82 in pledges, offerings and tithes. This leaves us with a current total shortfall of R570 475.80 for the year 2023.
September has been the first month for 2023 that our tithes and offerings have been above budget. Therefore, we would like to continue to extend our heartfelt gratitude to every person who has given sacrificially and faithfully to God’s work within this community. Even though some pressure has been relieved, our financial situation remains challenging and difficult. Please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance to be given to the church leadership as they seek creative and effective ways of addressing this issue. We would also like to continue to make the call to each person who is not tithing on a monthly basis, to please prayerfully consider doing so. And then for those who do tithe regularly, to prayerfully consider giving more generously for the rest of the year. If you would like to make a monthly financial contribution to West View, please take a pledge form from the foyer area in the church entrance, or email for more details. Kindly update your pledge details with us, as this assists us to plan properly and budget accordingly.

FUNERAL TEA MINISTRY Do you have a passion and desire to assist bereaved people through catering and logistics? West View is currently looking for a dedicated and compassionate volunteer to lead the funeral tea ministry, which provides refreshments and eats after a funeral service for all those who were in attendance. There is a committed team of ladies who will be assisting the leader of this ministry. Should you be interested in using your gifts and time to serve the community in this way, please contact Lael at 082 560 5203 or via email:
We would also like to show our deep appreciation to Linda Taylor for 20 years of service and commitment to leading this ministry with such care and compassion. Her unwavering dedication to leading the funeral tea ministry has resulted in countless bereaved families and people being comforted. Of course, there is a wonderful team of ladies who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes according to plan and runs smoothly. Ladies, we appreciate and continue to acknowledge all that you do. Thank you very much!

Please take note of the following updates as it relates to our children’s ministry at West View. We will be having our annual Bible Awards Ceremony in November 2023. If your child is currently in grade 4, please get in touch with our children’s pastor, Manti, at by the 8th of November 2023. This Sunday, the 29th of October 2023, our grade 7’s will be graduating from Children’s Church and will be joining Rooted Youth. Parents are still requested to drop the children off at Children’s Church, as the leaders will take them through to Rooted Youth.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped organize our Spring Picnic, as well as to all of those who took the time to attend. Great fun and relaxation was enjoyed by all of those who were in attendance, and we continue to pray that such events and occasions will build a stronger sense of community and friendship amongst all people who call West View their spiritual home. We would like to encourage all members and attendees to participate and join in any community building activities, as we seek to make West View a place and a community where deepening relationships lead to a deeper sense of life change.

We would like to remind parents and teenagers about the ministries that we offer for our children and teenagers. Both Rooted and Children’s Church start at 10h00 every Sunday, and we also offer Godly Play during the 08h00 service for children. We would like to encourage all our teenagers and children to invite their friends to come join them at Rooted and at Children’s Church. Should you wish to know more about Children’s Church, please contact Manti (076 659 0394 or, and for more information about Rooted Youth please contact Elvis (061 953 3212 or

Our Holiday Club ministry allows us to reach and disciple children who would otherwise never consider West View to be their spiritual home, with our next Holiday Club taking place in December this year. Our customary and common practice has been to charge a registration fee of R50 per child per day to attend, with the proceeds being used to fund the activities and administrative costs involved in running Holiday Club. We understand that this daily registration fee could be preventing children from attending the day’s activities and from experiencing the love of God in this particular setting. Therefore, our aim and goal is to make Holiday Club COMPLETELY FREE FOR ALL CHILDREN.
Thank you to those who have already donated either a meal or funds towards Holiday Club. We currently have three of the five meals donated for the day programme. We are still in need of meals to be donated for the Wednesday (Sandwiches with no pork, no peanuts, and no eggs) and Thursday (Spaghetti Bolognaise) programs.
Monetary donations are also welcome and these can be made via EFT to the West View bank account, and please use ‘HC Food Donation’ as a reference should you choose to make an EFT. We simply request that you please send proof of payment to Manti, whose details appear below. If you feel the prompting and pull of the Holy Spirit to get involved in order to make this vision of an all–inclusive Holiday Club a reality, please contact Manti on 076 659 0394 or via email:    

We will be having a 5-A-Side Soccer Tournament at West View on Saturday, the 18th of November 2023. The price will be R75.00 per team (Which amounts to R15 per member), with the starting time being set at 09h00 for 09h30. Boerie rolls, and snacks will be on sale. For more information, contact Nico at

Most of you know that West View’s ministry doesn’t only happen when we gather in person on Sundays. And one of the ways we reach out to people who can’t get to our church physically, is through social media. West View is very active on Facebook and Instagram and this ministry is important for the people who follow us on those platforms (And if you haven’t followed or liked us yet, please do so!).
As we seek to grow our reach and bring God’s life-changing grace and love to more people, we could really use your help. We are looking to build a group of ‘social media champions’ for West View. So, if you’re active on Facebook or Instagram, and you are able to commit to about 15 minutes a week (or just a few minutes each day) then we would love you to consider being a social media champion for West View.  All you have to do is be intentional and consistent about liking, sharing, and (if you are comfortable) commenting on West View’s posts on social media. The more you can do this, the better. And the great thing is that it works best when it’s just a normal part of your activity on social media.
The idea is to get our posts out to as many people as possible so that West View’s ministry can find others who need the kind of ministry we offer. So, if you’re willing and able to be a West View Social Media Champion, please let Kakes know at

Our motto at West View is that this is a community and congregation ‘Where life change happens’. And yet, we know that this life change only takes place through relationships that facilitate a loving accountability, responsibility and a call to grow in ways that are both comforting and challenging. Staying true to our Methodist ethos and tradition, we believe that small groups (Otherwise known as home or Bible study groups) are the perfect environment for transformation to take place. We would like to make the call to as many people as possible to get plugged into a group where you are challenged to study Scripture, pray for others and be prayed for, and exercise mutual care. Please note that West View does provide Bible study notes for leaders to use, which is in alignment with whichever sermon series is run at that point in time. Therefore, should you be interested in joining or leading a Bible study group, please contact Nicola at

IMPORTANT DATES Start of new sermon series ‘Jesus Revealed’:Sunday, the 29th of October 2023
Holiday Club Fundraiser:Saturday, the 18th of November 2023

Your Servant for Christ’ sake,


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