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West View e-Letter

August 17, 2023

Dear West View Family We can only thank God for calling, carrying and keeping the West View community for the last 50 years. Our hope and prayer is that Christ continues to care and provide for this church and congregation for as long as possible, so that His power, purpose and peace can be made known through each and every person who calls West View their spiritual home.
However, as much as we celebrate the past, there is a movement of God’s Spirit to accomplish His mission in new ways in the present and as well as for the indefinite future. Therefore, we would like to encourage all of our members to invite as many family members, friends and acquaintances to be a part of the West View congregation, especially as we seek to face the future faithfully and see our church reach its full potential. There are many opportunities for spiritual growth, service and community involvement in the upcoming weeks. So, come participate freely and fully, and invite others to do the same.

NEW SERMON SERIES: (ON PURPOSE – FINDING GOD’S VOICE IN YOUR PASSION We are created with a hunger for a sense of purpose, direction, and calling in our lives. That’s as basic an ingredient to the human experience as there ever will be. We have an innate and intrinsic desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves and then to participate in something that has eternal merit and lasting impact. Our natural reaction is to reject a shallow and hollow existence, because we yearn for deeper meaning and purpose within our lives. How do we become more than we are right now?
In our new and upcoming sermon series entitled ‘On Purpose: Finding God’s Voice in Your Passion’, we are invited to see God’s purpose for our lives, how to open ourselves to God’s voice, and how to take the first or next step to following God’s call. Through this four – week sermon series, we will learn how to channel our passions, hear God’s voice, and live the life we were meant to live.
Therefore, join us at West View as we together seek to discover and discern our individual and communal callings, giftings and passions. Our ‘On Purpose’ sermon series starts on Sunday, the 3rd of September 2023. Invite anyone struggling to hear God’s voice and calling; we hope to see you there!

AN UPDATE ON WEST VIEW’S FINANCES Last month we gave a concerning update on the financial trend and pattern at West View, with the hope that our congregation and community would respond with increased generosity and sacrificial giving. We are glad to report that there was a noticeable and definite improvement in the giving, tithing and offerings for the month of July. This has served to relieve some of the financial pressure that we are currently under. Therefore, allow us to take this opportunity to sincerely and gratefully thank each and every member of West View who continue to give so diligently, faithfully and cheerfully to the work and will of God being realized amongst us and through us. We understand the current financial pressures and reality that people are facing, which only makes us so much more thankful for your giving that continues to enable West View to be a place where life change happens!
The total giving for July was R431 930.86, which was R48 069.14 under budget for the month. This is where our overall finances currently stand: To date, we have received R2 838 318.65 in pledges, offerings and tithes. This leaves us with a current total shortfall of R521 681.35 for the year 2023.
We would like to continue to make the call to each and every person who is not tithing on a monthly basis, to please prayerfully consider doing so. And then for those of us who do tithe regularly, to prayerfully consider giving more generously for the rest of the year.If you would like to make a monthly financial contribution to West View, please complete the pledge form on our website, take a pledge form from the foyer area in the church entrance or email for more details.
Kindly update your pledge details with us, as this assists us to plan properly and budget accordingly.

WEST VIEW’S 50TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: EXPRESSING OUR GRATITUDE In light of the powerful and thought – provoking 50th birthday celebration and service for West View, we would like to express our gratitude to each and every person who took the time to be present in the festivities of the day. We wish to extend our gratitude to Greta Mouton who led the team that planned and organised these celebrations, the Funeral Tea ministry, Women’s Manyano and Women’s Auxiliary members for the delicious spread of eats that we enjoyed. To each of you  Siyabonga!

CHURCH EXPRESS FOR AUGUST: ENCOUNTER WORSHIP EVENING RETURNS! For last month, we decided to try and take our Church Express service in a new direction by having an Encounter Worship Evening that enables and allows people to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit through praise and worship. The service was incredibly impactful and powerful, and we also saw an increase in attendance. Therefore, in light of this, we would like to announce that the Encounter Worship Evening will be returning for August!
The service will also include a moment and opportunity to be led in a guided reflection before receiving Holy Communion. Even though this service is structured in such a way so that as many youth and young adults are present and participating; we would like to make it clear that the invitation is open and extended to anyone and everyone who would like to join and that this service should be supported just like any other regular service that West View offers. So, invite a family member, friend, and acquaintance to join us on Sunday, the 27th of August 2023, at 18h00. Our exceptional young adults band will lead us in encountering the warmth and the width of the love of the living Christ! See you there.

YOUNG ADULTS AND YOUTH : AN OPPORTUNUTY TO SERVE OUR COMMUNITY AT DITSHEGO If you are a young adult or teenager who would like to be a part of giving back to the broader Centurion community, then we have the perfect opportunity for you to do so. We are therefore extending the invitation for you to come and join us at Ditshego (House of Laughter) in the Mooiplaas informal settlement to work on the property and facilities as well as to meet the children from the open school and residential house. This venture and act of service will take place on Saturday, the 26th of August 2023, from 10h00 until 13h00. Please note that this invitation is open and extended to the entire Hennops River Circuit. Should you be interested in involving yourself in the days’ activities and events, please RSVP to our youth pastor Elvis at 061 953 3212 or via email:

This serves as a reminder to parents and guardians that Rooted Youth and Children’s Church has resumed since the start of the new school term. Both Rooted and Children’s Church start at 10h00 every Sunday, and we also offer Godly Play during the 08h00 service for children. We would like to encourage all of our teenagers and children to invite their friends to come join them at Rooted and at Children’s Church. Should you wish to know more about Children’s Church, please contact Manti (076 659 0394 or, and for more information about Rooted Youth please contact Elvis (061 953 3212 or

The grief that happens after the death of a loved one can leave one feeling confused, lost and alone without a roadmap. However, other people have travelled this grief journey before you, and there is hope as well as a way forward. Grief Share is a proven video – based support group that connects you with others that are travelling the grief journey that you might be on right now. Grief Share is a place where you can be as raw, authentic and honest as possible without judgement or fear. Each weekly Grief Share session consists of an insightful video with grief experts and testimonials, a small group discussion and encouraging workbook exercises.
The 13 week Grief Share course will start on Monday, the 4th of September 2023 at 18h30, and will run every Monday until the 27th of November 2023. Please note that there will be a R300 registration fee, which will cover the cost for the workbook (If you have already attended Grief Share and own a workbook, then participation will be free of charge). Should you wish to register for this course, please put your name on the sign – up list which will be on the info table in the church foyer or email Lael at

As part of our strategy to reach out to children and grow our children’s ministry at West View, we host our Holiday Club for primary school children on a bi – annual basis (Once in the winter and once in the summer). Our Holiday Club ministry allows us to reach and disciple children who would otherwise never consider West View to be their spiritual home, with our next Holiday Club taking place in December of this year. Our customary and common practice has been to charge a registration fee of R50 per child per day in order to attend, with the proceeds being used to fund the activities and administrative costs involved in running Holiday Club. We understand that this daily registration fee could be preventing children from attending the day’s activities and from experiencing the love of God in this particular setting.
Therefore, our aim and goal is to make Holiday Club COMPLETELY FREE FOR ALL CHILDREN. However, in order to make this a reality, we need the entire West View community and congregation to own the Holiday Club as their own ministry which furthers the church’s mission. We are humbly requesting and asking for donations in the following areas: Stationery, marketing, games, catering, décor, crafts, t – shirts and hoodies. If you feel the prompting and pulling of the Holy Spirit to get involved in order to make this vision of an all – inclusive Holiday Club a reality, please contact Manti on 076 659 0394 or via email:

This serves as a short notice that we will be having a community worship service at West View on Sunday, the 10th of September 2023, at 10h00. The aim of this service is to include all members and attendees of West View, regardless of their age. You can support this service by inviting family members of all ages to enjoy and participate in praise and worship that is aimed at reaching and touching the hearts of young and old alike.

Our motto at West View is that this is a community and congregation ‘Where life change happens’. And yet, we know that this life change only takes place through relationships that facilitate a loving accountability, responsibility and call to grow in ways that are both comforting and challenging. Staying true to our Methodist ethos and tradition, we believe that small groups (Otherwise known as home or Bible study groups) are the perfect environment for transformation to take place. We would like to make the call to as many people as possible to get plugged into a group where you are challenged to study Scripture, pray for others and be prayed for, and exercise mutual care. Therefore, should you be interested in joining or leading a Bible study group, please contact Nicola at  

IMPORTANT DATES Seedlings Gathering: Saturday, the 26th of August 2023

Youth and Young Adults Community Service (Ditshego): Saturday, the 26th of August 2023, from 10h00 until 13h00

Church Express:Sunday, the 27th of August 2023, at 18h00

Start of new sermon series (‘On Purpose’): Sunday, the 3rd of September 2023

Community Worship Service:Sunday, 10th of September 2023, at 10h00

Your Servant for Christ’s sake,


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