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May 22, 2020

Dear West View family

We’re nine days away from celebrating Pentecost, the birthday of the church. In Acts 2:1 we read that the believers were all gathered in one room when the Holy Spirit showed up as tongues of fire. The room we’ll be gathered in this Pentecost will be a virtual room, but the same Spirit that empowered and united those early believers will be available to us. I invite you, over these next 9 days, to reflect on what a renewed openness to Gods Spirit might look like for you this Pentecost.


In preparation for Pentecost Sunday, we invite all children (of any age!) to make a Pentecost headband in bright colours of red, orange and yellow (google ‘pentecost headband’ for templates and ideas); take a photo of themselves wearing it, and submit the photo to The deadline for submission is Tuesday 26th May.  (picture of someone wearing a headband here?)


As the lockdown drags on, hunger is becoming a real crisis for more and more people. We’re now set up to do food packs at the Ditshego plot in Raslouw. The first two packs will be next Tuesday and Thursday 9h00 – 12h00. Spaces are limited. Children are welcome. For details and to book your place, contact If you would like to donate towards the cost of the ingredients (soya, rice, dried veg and vitamin powder), you can do so using Ditshego’s own SnapScan (Nicola: insert snapscan QR code from Nicky or off Facebook)


Josh has been working hard recording Children’s Ministry Videos and pulling together a team of fired-up volunteers who will record videos for the remainder of 2020. Thank you Josh for all your hard work!


We have removed the password requirement for all future Zoom meetings to address the challenges that some have experienced in joining meetings. If you experience problems joining a Zoom meeting, please contact the meeting leader or send a WhatsApp to the West View Cell, so that we are aware that there is a problem. Please note that Zoom requires an upgrade by the end of this month.


We express our condolences those who have lost loved ones recently: Charisse Fryer on the death of her father Robert Sparrow; Lisanne McEwan on the death of her father Robert McEwan; Hazel Clark on the death of her sister-in-law Beryl Clark; Terry and Colin on the death of Terry’s mother Colleen Soden. May God’s presence comfort you and his resurrection fill you with hope.


Two months of lockdown, combined with uncertainty and fear for the future, are taking a toll on the mental health of many. Khuluma Family Counselling is open for counselling by appointment (mask-to-mask, Zoom, video call or audio call). If you or anyone you know feel the need to talk to a counsellor, contact or 012 660 3532 to book an appointment.


The school campus is being professionally sanitised today in preparation for the reopening of the school in phases. Staff return on Monday. Please join me in praying for the school management, staff, parents and learners as they transition back to on-campus school life.

Grace and Peace



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