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December 20, 2021

Dear West View family              

We’re re-opening in-person worship starting Christmas Eve! Two facts have informed this decision.

The first is that COVID-19 daily new infections in Gauteng peaked on 14 December and have been steadily declining since then. See

Second – despite high rates of infection in this fourth wave – the level of hospital admission, ICU admission and death remains significantly lower than at the equivalent time in the previous waves. Whether this is due to the Omicron variant being less virulent or due to high levels of immunity due to vaccination and previous infection is unknown.

For our purposes, it is enough to know that fewer people are becoming severely sick in this wave. Noting the safety protocols we have had in place at all our in-person worship services, we believe it is both safe and important that we gather to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Here are the details of services until the start of the new school year:

24th December 6pm: Christmas Eve Family Worship (this will be very similar to the Christmas Day services)

25th December 7h30 & 9h00: Christmas Day Family Worship

26th December: Online worship only

2nd & 9th January: 9h00: In-person worship. Kids welcome

Please invite friends and family to join you. Attendance at each service will be limited to 150 (30% of seating capacity). The offering at all Christmas Eve and Day Services (including online) will support Ditshego’s work among children.

For those of you who are away for Christmas, please remember to worship online with us.

Siphiwe and I and our families wish you and your loved ones the joy, peace, love and hope that is found in Jesus our Saviour

Much love



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