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July 12, 2021

Dear West View family

President Ramaphosa’s announcement last evening of a 14-day extension of Level 4 lockdown was a wise one which protects both the health of our population and the ability of our hospitals to cope with the third wave of COVID-19 infections. It is encouraging to see that new infections in Gauteng appear to have peaked. However, hospital admissions and deaths are sadly likely to continue rising for another few weeks. It is also encouraging that vaccination will shortly be available to all those over 35 years of age. Amid much fear and suffering, we need to pause to celebrate the small victories in our battle against this pandemic.

Predicting the future is a risky thing to do, but as we think about West View’s congregational life, we anticipate the following:

  1. We will probably re-open in-person worship, youth and Children’s ministry in early August
  2. We will probably experience a fourth wave of infections in the summer, peaking in December or January.
  3. Unless a new more infectious variant of the virus becomes dominant, the summer wave of infections will not be as devastating as this one has been. Many people in Gauteng will have some immunity owing to having contracted Covid-19 in this third wave. Many more people will have been vaccinated by the time the fourth wave arrives. The vaccine does not guarantee that one won’t be infected, but it does protect against the more severe and fatal manifestations of the virus.

I look forward to re-connecting with many of you in-person in coming months. We will also continue to connect online through online worship, bible study and fellowship.


Did you know that South Africa has moved from 45th to 21st position in the World Giving Index? Participants are asked whether they have helped a stranger, given money or volunteered for a good cause over the past month. Out of the top 10 countries of the survey, four are from Africa. You can read/listen to the report here

This doesn’t surprise me when I consider your generous giving to God’s work at West View through difficult times. Tithes and offerings for June were R450 300, just R9 700 short of budget. Year to date, we are just R20 000 short on budget. Thank you for your faithful stewardship.

DISCIPLE 3 – Remember Who You Are

Disciple 3, Remember Who You Are, is a 32-week study that will take you through reading the Prophets and the letters of Paul.  You will look at the major and minor Old Testament prophets and will read the thirteen letters traditionally attributed to Paul. Study of the prophets will follow their historical sequence rather than their biblical sequence. The dating of Paul’s letters influences the sequence of their study.  The prophets and Paul are continually calling hearers and readers back to their God and to a sense of who they are as a people “set apart”. This course will be done online via the Teams Programme, those interested in registering can contact


We celebrate the safe arrival of Jonathan Michael, son to Stuart and Aliza Graham, on Saturday 10th July.

We offer condolences to Winsome, Pam, Rachel, Byron, Eric, Rodney and Bernice on the passing of Pat Chaperon; to Shelley-Anne, Kaylin, Daine and family on the passing of Tony Taylor; to Trudy and her family on the passing of James Slement.


In addition to being available in hard copy, the Upper Room Devotionals are now available in electronic format on the church website.

Click here to download it.

Faith for Daily Living, also still available in hard copy, is on Facebook


The new Personal Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), is designed to respect how your data is used, stored and processed and went into full effect from 1 July 2021. We would like to give you the opportunity to decide if you would like to continue receiving e-mail newsletters from West View Methodist Church. If you are happy to remain on our mailing list, no action is required. However, if you would like to opt-out, you can do so, by clicking at the bottom of this email.


The Mission Unit of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa is appealing for Methodists across our Connexion to contribute towards a fund to aid the people of Cabo-Delgado Province in Mozambique with food, clothes and building materials. If you feel led to contribute, please donate into the West View Account, using ‘C-D Appeal’ and your name (optional) as a reference.


Office staff continue to work from home. The switchboard (012 660 2572) is open 8h00 to 15h30 Monday – Friday.

Grace and Peace



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