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September 25, 2020

Dear West View family


Starting Sunday 11th October, West View will offer four worship services each Sunday:

  1. 7h30: Note the shift to 15 minutes earlier to ensure adequate time between the two morning services for the sanctuary to be sanitised.
  2. Online worship will continue, launching at 8h30, but available online anytime thereafter. My Zoom Coffee ‘n Kuier will cease.
  3. 10h00
  4. 18h00

Thorough plans are in place to ensure your safety. Attendance at each service is limited to 100 people and those attending will be screened. Our 400-seater sanctuary will have 100 chairs placed 1.5 metres apart. There will be music but no congregational singing, the sanctuary and toilets will be thoroughly sanitised between services and well-ventilated, and you will be able to share in Holy Communion in a safe way. Those who prefer to, can share in the service by remaining in their cars. A speaker will broadcast the service into the parking area and communion will be served on trays at your car window. Here are the guidelines we ask you to follow to ensure each other’s safety:

  1. Pre-registration is essential, will open on the Monday before each service and close that Thursday.
  2. Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth
  3. Arrive 15 minutes before the start of worship to sanitise your hands and sign the attendance register and wellness declaration at the church entrance
  4. Greet one another with a warm smile, but no physical contact
  5. Enjoy catching up with each other outside or inside the sanctuary, standing at least 1.5 metres apart. Please avoid congregating in the church foyer.
  6. Come with hearts open to God and to each other and celebrate the gift of being together in worship

Rooted Youth and Children’s Church will be at 10h00. We’ll share details with you as plans for safe re-opening of these programmes are finalised.


Our Leaders Meeting in October will finalise plans for the opening of other on-site church activities for participants who choose to meet. All gatherings will require strict adherence to protocols to ensure the safety of all participants.


Support #Orangemaskfridays, an initiative of civil society groups including the South African Council of Churches. The colour is symbolic of the orange overalls which Covid-19 looters should be wearing – in prison. Sew your own orange mask and make a statement by wearing them every Friday leading up to December 9th, International Anti-Corruption Day. By wearing orange masks, we will effectively be telling the government and the private sector that we value our democracy and Constitution, and we refuse to sit by idly watching as greedy business ‘covidpreneurs’, politicians and public servants steal money that is meant to save lives during the pandemic.

Grace and Peace

Rev Ian France

Senior Minister


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