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September 4, 2020

Dear West View family

I pray that this spring will be a season of new growth and hope for each of you.


This coming Sunday is Community Worship! We have designed an interactive and fun way for the whole family to be involved and participate during the service, all ages welcome. This activity is called “AMEN BINGO” and will be as fun as your enthusiasm allows.

How to participate:

  1. First Download or Print your Bingo Card – available on our social media platforms.
  2. Read everything ahead of the service, so you get an idea of what to expect (No cheating, don’t mark off beforehand!).
  3. Throughout the worship service you will start to see/hear where the Bingo items are and you can mark them off as you go (Some require participation).
  4. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL – As soon as you are mark off 4 blocks in a row everybody has to yell “AMEN”

The idea is to try finish off as many of the blocks as possible as we worship together, Enjoy!

Trevor Hudson’s book “A Prayer for Serenity” is on sale from the church office, Monday – Friday, 09h00 – 12h00 for R80. The book will make a great gift for someone you care about who is struggling with anxiety or uncertainty. It will be a helpful companion to you for our new preaching series, Seeking Serenity, starting Sunday 13th September. I know that God will use this series to bless each of us.

We extend our condolences to the family of Walter Coleridge on his passing.

Tithes and Offerings for August were R433 560, R16 440 short of budget. Thank you to all who continue to give faithfully to God.

To view the Methodist Church of Southern Africa’s statement against rampant corruption, click here: Corruption Is Not Our Heritage
Grace and Peace

Ian Senior Minister


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