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    West View College is a mission of West View Methodist Church, and was birthed out of Little Disciples Pre School - with the aim of positively impacting the lives of our children through excellent education centred in Jesus Christ. Little Disciples began many years ago as a play group with three children and two staff members.  Since the beginning years the school has grown into a thriving, vibrant place where over 150 children spend happy days growing and learning together.

    Registrations for 2019 now open

    We aim to:

    • Make our school a place where all people feel welcome and valued: a place of security and love where children develop through play. It is a school of spirit, pride and tradition, emphasizing educational achievement, within a caring and supportive environment. We believe that our children will continue to progress and become successful in all aspects of life.
    • Work with parents in offering children the best possible start in life.
    • Endeavour with parents to ensure that every child´s potential is reached and that the education process is carried out jointly, thus cultivating family involvement in the school activities.
    • Provide teachers who are well trained, motivated and enthusiastic about the development of young children.
    • Make all children feel happy and confident at school by offering both a challenge and support in a stimulating environment.
    • Build on what children have learnt previously and to extend their interest by introducing them to new activities and concepts.
    • Encourage children to discover and learn for themselves through various methods from free play to problem-solving games.
    • Provide varied approaches to learning by offering a variety of different experiences.
    • Recognise children's feelings by encouraging them in positive ways whilst allowing them to explore their own emotions.
    • Offer equal opportunities to all children in our care by recognising each one´s needs and respecting differences in language, culture, religion and individual develop

    Our School Crest

    wvc crest

    The school crest was developed out of the logo for West View Methodist Church, with the central figure representing Jesus Christ.
    The blue figures represent the learners, with a sense of movement that speaks of unlocking the potential of each child as they grow into Christ-likeness.


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  • Terms and Times:

    The school terms follow the government school calendar. The Pre School hours are officially 07h30-13h30, but the gates open at 06h45 for the convenience of parents. An afternoon program is presented from 14h00 until 17h30 at an extra cost for the Preschool and Primary School.


    The Pre School programme includes breakfast for children arriving by 06h45 as well as lunch at midday. Children need to bring a morning snack and (if applicable) an afternoon snack as well.
    A cooked lunch is provided for the Primary School children registered for the aftercare programme.


    Communication between the school and home is vital for enhancing the development of your child. For this purpose, each child has an Education and Communication book which parents are asked to check daily. This includes letters and important information as well as at-home activities to reinforce what your child is learning at school. It also allows parents to write notes to the teacher regarding absence or any other special information. We greatly appreciate prompt replies to circulars where information is needed.

    We also make use of the D6 Communicator 


    The teachers compile a written report on each child´s progress in March, June and December.

    Our teachers meet with parents to discuss the progress reports formally twice a year. If at any stage the teachers feel that a child should consult a paediatrician / paediatric neurologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or child psychologist, or need any extra help, it will discussed with parents personally. We do have a relationship with a Speech Therapist and an Occupational therapist who come and offer therapy at the school during school hours.


    Sick children may not come to school. Please keep ill children at home, thus giving everyone (especially the staff) a chance to stay healthy! If your child becomes sick at school, he or she must be fetched immediately and kept at home until the condition has cleared up. Please let us know if your child is absent, or send a message with the transport.

    Gates and Parking

    Parking outside the school is somewhat limited early in the morning. It is very important for us to keep on good terms with our neighbours who watch the school property during weekends and holidays, therefore please don't park in/across their driveways or use their driveways for turning. When you come into the school building, please make sure that you close both gates behind you (even if someone is following behind you). The little ones don´t always understand that they cannot run out after their parents for a last goodbye.

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    At West View College Pre School, learning is fun! In the first 5 years of a child’s life, their brain grows more than it does for the remainder of their life time – and most of this learning happens through play.

    At West View College, we believe that children are most open to learning when they are having fun, so the focus on the academic programme is on providing our children with as many opportunities as possible to experience their wonderful world in exciting and inspiring ways!

  • How to Apply

    Congratulations! The application process at West View College is the first step to a wonderful new adventure. The process begins with a personal interview at the school where you will be able to discuss all expectations and queries face to face. You will also receive all relevant application forms which need to be filled in and returned along with the application fee.
    Parents will be notified within one week whether their child has been accepted.

    Please conact the School Office to make your appointment:
    012 654 5882
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  • T: 012 654 5882
    A: c/o Wilem Botha & Tortelduif Street
    Weirda Park

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  • C

    One of the exciting Annual events we have is our school concert where all the children from the toddler class all the way up through the Primary School get to take part.

    This year the theme of the concert was COLOUR YOUR WORLD. Take a look here at some of the highlights...

    Arts Festival

    Our children performed at the Arts Festival Recorder Event. All the levels got an A+, and Level 3 was the category winner!

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    Our children did really well in the Arts Festival Fine Arts section. What a proud moment to see all our art displayed at the gallery. Congratulations to all our children and our 6 category winners!

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