Sun, Feb 14, 2016

Where Do We Go from Here?

Listen to your heart
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14 February

Dear Friends

What better place to be on Valentine’s Day than in a place of love? As I welcome all who have joined us today, it is my prayer that you have experienced in a meaningful way the love of God and the love of others. It is a fitting day to begin our new sermon series A Disciple’s Heart – a journey of growing in love and grace, based on the book by Pastor James Harnish.

At the start of this series and the season of Lent, let’s choose not to allow “love” to be equated with pink teddy bears and cute limericks, but recognize love as the action of God in this world through the followers of Christ. Let’s live into that understanding of love by using our lives to touch the hearts and improve the lives of others.

One way that you can show love to our community is to become involved in the development of the new Ditshego property in Raslouw. It was through the loving generosity of our congregation and the Church of the Resurrection in Kansas that it was possible to purchase the property and it will be through the loving generosity of each one of us that will make it a beautiful home for the children who will live, laugh and learn on the premises. We appeal to individuals, families and small groups to visit the property and choose a section that you can revamp for the use of the children.

This is love in action and a privilege to undertake together.

Yours in love,


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