Sun, Feb 21, 2016

Walking the Way of Salvation

Past, Present and Future Salvation
Duration:27 mins 6 secs

Walking the Way of Salvation

A Disciple’s Heart

21 February

Dear West View family

Welcome to worship. We extend a special welcome to those visiting us.

May you encounter the risen Christ in our midst.

Today we're focusing on A Future For Us - the programme at West View whereby we see God's future for this congregation realised. As we do so, I want to pay tribute to the members of West View in years past, who have faithfully supported Future For Us. We stand on their shoulders.

The challenge for you and me is to 'pay it forward' by supporting

Future For Us, so that we can pass the blessing on to future


Today is also the launch of our Reveal Spiritual Life Survey. Our target is to have twice as many responses as we did last time. Please see

inside of the bulletin for information on how you can participate

With faith in God's future for us,


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