Sun, Nov 29, 2015

The Royal Titles: Messiah & Lord

Duration:45 mins 8 secs

29 November

Dear West View family

Welcome to worship on the first Sunday of the Church year! As we anticipate

celebrating Jesus’ birth in a few weeks’ time, may God be “Immanuel” – God with us – in worship today. If you are a visitor, you’ll get to hear some ‘family talk’ today,

especially as the final 15 minutes of our 9h45 service will be our Annual Society Meeting.

As I reflected on my own journey into Advent, I found myself praying a prayer from my heart to God. It was a prayer that flowed from a place of hunger deep in my soul.

I share this prayer with you, in the hope that, as you make it your own, God will

answer it, and be born anew in your heart:

Lord Jesus Christ,

I don’t want this Advent season to be characterised by a frantic busyness that crowds out your Spirit’s work in my life.

I am hungry for renewal;

I long to hear, with greater clarity, your voice spoken into my life;

I thirst for the fresh water of your Spirit to flow into me, nourishing my parched soul.

Lord Jesus Christ, be born in my life anew today, as you were born in Bethlehem’s stable.

May your presence in my life bring life, light and hope. Amen.

Grace and Peace


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