Sun, Jun 07, 2015

THE ONE: Why Wait?

Dear West View Family,

As winter has finally come knocking on our doors, I hope your hearts will be warmed as we meet as God’s people today.

Week by week, we have been looking within the special days we celebrate for Christ in our calendar. Today we come to a day which has been given to us as a gift yet is often left unopened… the once-a-week opportunity to stop, to rest and to enjoy God on the Sabbath.

We’re privileged to have our visiting intern Victor Greene bring a Biblical teaching on the meaning of the Sabbath and inspire us to observe it regularly as a part of our lifestyle of worship.

I enjoyed this quote by Walter Brueggemann:

" On the Sabbath:
- you do not have to do more
- you do not have to sell more
- you do not have to control more
- you do not have to have your kids in ballet or soccer
- you do not have to be younger and more beautiful
- you do not have to score more.
Because this one day breaks the pattern of coercion, all are like you, equal - equal worth, equal value, equal access, equal rest."

Yours in Christ,


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