Sun, Jan 24, 2016

The meaning of Christ's death

Duration:17 mins 10 secs

Dear West View

Today we have the opportunity to pray into the lives of our new Society Stewards. This lay leadership team of both ‘old” and ‘new’ society stewards take a crucial role in guiding West View on our Christ centred vision. Please continue to pray into the lives of all in leadership. Not just today but all the tomorrow’s too.

Today we study why Jesus had to die. If only there was another way of dealing with the devastating impact sin has already had, still does have and will have in God’s creation. A perfect world ripped to pieces by our repeated poor choices and having creation revolve around us! Sad but true. If only I had sinned and everyone else was perfectly obedient, Christ would still have paid the ultimate price.

Finally, today is our Ministry fair. An opportunity for various ministries to become far more visible. An opportunity for all of West View (and visitors) to discover more about different aspects and outreaches of West View Methodist Church.. Stats show most people really only feel part of a church when they actively participate in an outreach of  that faith community. Worshipping is great but its only one part of being a disciple. There is a ministry outreach just suited to your gifts and dreams .

Yours in Christ


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