Sun, Dec 06, 2015

The Deliverer’s Title: Saviour

Duration:21 mins 58 secs

Dear West View family

West View and Mnandi are exciting churches to be part of.

Exciting isn’t always the way churches are described. Sometimes they simply limp along barely touching the lives of those who worship in them. That’s not where our church is.

Carols by candlelight was by all accounts a beautiful celebration of what God has done, is doing and will do. Prior to that the socializing around the craft tables in the garden was for some a deep time of real interaction with friends and others who hold Christ as Lord of life. Everyone was welcome.

This Sunday we continue our build up to the birth of our saviour. That last word,

Saviour (‘Yashaar’ in the old testament) is our key concept on ‘Big Ideas’ this Sunday. Jesus who saves. Jesus who has moved me from the consequences/price of my sin, does save and will save. Salvation is an ongoing process.

As you close for this year it’s easy to become desensitised to what we believe in and celebrate on the 25th of December. I choose to be sensitive…


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