Sun, Mar 06, 2016

The Company of the Committed

Duration:30 mins 40 secs

The Company of the Committed

A Disciple’s Heart

6 March

Dear West View family

Welcome to worship! Be still, and know that God is in this place. The Holy Spirit is reaching out to you. May your soul reach up to God in worship today. If you are a visitor, know that you are among friends.

Our Reveal Online Spiritual Life Survey closes tomorrow, and we are still a long way off from our target of having 480 people take the survey. If you haven’t yet taken the survey, please set aside half an hour sometime in the next 24 hours, to answer 50 thought-provoking questions about your spiritual health. Your taking the survey will help the leadership team to guide West View to be a church that is being used by God to change lives.

We’re just two weeks away from Holy Week, and the week will be filled with worship services which will help you prepare for Easter. I’m particularly excited that Rev Purity Malinga will be preaching at our service on Wednesday of Holy Week. Purity was my Bishop for the 9 years that I spent in the Natal Coastal District, and she is both an inspiring leader and a faithful follower of Jesus. Purity is the head of EMMU, the unit of our denomination responsible for the training of ministers and preachers.

Grace and peace


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