Sun, May 24, 2015

ONE too many

Alcohol and Pentecost
Duration:46 mins 13 secs

Dear West View Family,

Welcome to all who have come to share in worship together as we celebrate “Pentecost”, or the outpouring of the Holy Spirit over God’s people.

There is a song we have sung several times at West View which goes like this:

Tshollela moya wa hao Jesu

Dipilong tsa rona Jesu

The English translation of these words is “Pour out your Spirit on us, Jesus, deep into our hearts”. Today our prayer is that the Spirit of God would be poured over us as individuals, as a church and as a community. May the Spirit of God touch us in our innermost being and bring transformation in every area of our lives.

Tonight our Duke University student Victor Greene will be sharing a sermon with us for the first time. As a part of the “One Direction” series, the sermon is entitled “One Too Many” and will explore the issue of Alcohol in the lives of the young and old in our community.

We hope to see many of you join us and please bring the kids, as our children’s pastor Josua presents a Godly Play lesson during the evening service for children aged 4 – 12.

Yours in Christ,


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