Sun, May 31, 2015

ONE in five

Statistics show that one in five teenagers with depression go untreated...
Duration:38 mins 24 secs

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Welcome to worship! God’s Spirit is here, as He was when he hovered over the waters at the Creation of all that is. May the Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on us in worship today.

I’ve just come out of a meeting where we’re strategizing how to ensure that Sunday worship, midweek meetings, and the church office, continue to function smoothly in spite of load-shedding. I’d love to hear your suggestions for the way forward – bearing in mind that any expenditure is unbudgeted for, and therefore needs to be kept to a minimum. Drop me an e-mail with your ideas.

This evening I’m preaching on the topic of teen depression, and how those living with depression can find hope and healing in Christ. If depression is a sickness that touches your life or the life of someone you care about, do come along expecting to hear something that will give you wisdom, hope and encouragement.

Love in Christ


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