Sun, Aug 30, 2015

Loving Like Jesus Loves

Duration:39 mins 21 secs

Dear West View family LOVE LIKE JESUS

Welcome to worship in the second week of our 40 Days of Love campaign. My husband & I are excited to have joined a home group for the duration of this series like many others at West View. I hope this will continue to be a journey into deeper relationships for everyone who is taking part. Even the children’s church and Rooted Youth are learning more about love over these 40 days.

Today our attention turns to the ultimate love role model—Jesus! I encourage you to emerge yourself in the gospels this week scouring Matthew, Mark , Luke and John in addition to your daily bible verse to capture the way that Jesus used every interaction to accept, value and extend grace to others.

May you leave this place today walking a little more closely with Jesus as the Holy Spirit draws you and me more into his likeness.

Yours in Christ


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