Sun, Sep 13, 2015

Love Lets it Go

Duration:1 hr 3 mins 52 secs

Dear West View family

How is 40 days of love working of you? Are you part of the more than 70 groups West View has in place for this journey?

Small groups have always taught me so much. It always starts the same way. “You’re the minister, you can be the expert…”. But as we journey together we quickly discover whether its love, forgiveness, bereavement or whatever the human condition we are discussing… there really are no experts, just fellow travellers. That’s not pessimistic but realistic. I have learnt so much through your journey and mutually we all benefit.

This year my grief Share Group has been amazingly dynamic. Age, race, burden… wow… what a comfort as we share on struggles, wounds, hope and healing together. You inspire me. Thank you.

So, how is 40 days of love working? Either through the sermons, the group discussions or your own personal studies? My honest answer, challenging, real and relevant.

This weeks sermon deals with 1) difficult, 2) demanding, 3) disappointing and 4) destructive people. STOP IT! Its not ‘cool’ as Rick Waren said, to circle any of the words highlighted on this newsletter or jab your fellow congregation member in the ribs! I guess we journey toward healing together. I used the word “toward “deliberately. It still has a lot to do with my mouth and attitude, maybe yours too?

Grace and Peace


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