Sun, Sep 27, 2015

Love Endures Forever

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Dear friends,

A warm welcome to all who join us today as we come to the end of our 40 Days of Love series.

I was encouraged this week to read about an unexpected act of love by South African fans leaving Brighton (UK) after last week’s devastating loss to Japan. A London-based reporter took the following to Twitter:

“Train pulls into Brighton, SA fans insist Japan supporters get off first, give them a guard of honour and cheer them off. Amazing day." 

Love is so much more than mushy feelings or deep affection. Sometimes the most loving action is the simple choice to show respect to a stranger or to see the world through someone else’s eyes. More than three thousand people retweeted the story of these selfless South Africans who chose to celebrate humanity and honour the victory of others.

This is not the last time that we will look to the game of rugby for stories of inspiration as we move into our next series, called Too Big To Miss, which is a study of the life of David through the eyes of a rugby fan. Invite your friends and neighbours to join us for the “kick off” next Sunday!

Yours in Christ,


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