Sun, Dec 20, 2015

Incarnation: The Word Became Flesh

Duration:23 mins 35 secs

Dear West View family

Welcome to worship on this last Sunday of Advent. As Christmas Day draws nearer, may the light of God’s love, joy, peace and grace flood your life.

In her poem ‘The Child is Born Again’, Ann Weems writes:

Each year the Child is born again.

Each year some new heart

Finally hears

Finally sees

Finally knows love

And in heaven

There is great rejoicing!

There is a festival of stars!

There is celebration among the angels!

For in the finding of one lost sheep,

The heart of the Shepherd is glad, and

Christmas has happened once more.

The Child is born anew

And one more knee is bowed

If anybody in church today identifies with the lost sheep that Ann’s poem describes, my prayer for you is that you will hear, see and know Saviour Jesus today.

Because of Jesus,


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