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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Service
Duration:43 mins 13 secs

27 March

Easter Greetings from the Presiding Bishop of the MCSA

As we come to the end of the Holy week let us remember that this is a week that powerfully reminds us that we are the agents of hope even in dark moments.

This is the time when Jesus took that fatal journey to the cross and his followers knew that they were walking into dangerous territory and tried to stop him but he still went. Through the tragedy of the cross came the greatest hope for the world; the resurrection victory. I imagine that the memories of transfiguration where they witnessed the glory of the Lord were poignant to James, John and Peter but now they helplessly watched him walking into humiliation.

Glory and humiliation juxtaposed.

It happens all the time in human lives. The only thing that keeps us going is that in Christ Jesus there is victory. Hope must be the last thing to die amongst the followers of Jesus; so I urge you to spread hope to all people even in moments of tragedy and desperation. In moments of despair; in and out of season, in moments of tragedy and humiliation, moments of laughter and tears our hope is in Christ Jesus.

The garments of Jesus that shone at transfiguration were the same garments that became the commodities of gambling at his crucifixion.

The heroes of faith in Elijah and Moses that stood with Jesus at the transfiguration were replaced by weeping women beneath the cross and criminals on either side of Jesus.

There are fears and anxieties in Mozambique as they search for peace. Remember the  people of Mozambique in prayer.

Travelling around the connexion I am encouraged by the untold stories of good news by local communities humbly doing the work the Lord has called them to do.

There is confusion in South Africa in the political and socio-economic realm. This is indeed a time when we are called to stand firm, be found alongside the vulnerable, encourage the timid and weak. Lift up the banner of hope. Jesus lives!

Here's wishing you a blessed Easter time. May the message and activities of this Easter season inspire us to stand together as a transforming discipleship movement.

Peace and grace.


A Willing follower

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