Sun, Jan 17, 2016

Did Jesus really say that?

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17 January

Dear West View family

How wonderful it has been to have rains fall across our nation this past week! We praise God, who waters the earth. As we gather for worship, may the waters of God’s grace cleanse, nourish and refresh your soul. If you are a visitor to West View, know that you are among friends.

What a busy few weeks lie ahead! Next Sunday is our annual ministry fair, the following Sunday is both Siphiwe’s induction and the Prefect Service, and then just 10 days after that, we enter the season of Lent. I’m really excited about “A Disciple’s Heart”, this year’s church-wide Lent campaign.

We’re busy recording the DVD studies, and I encourage every West View member to join a 6-week long study group, as we each seek to have our hearts transformed and enlarged by the grace of God.

With warm Christian love


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