Sun, Mar 20, 2016

All the Way to Heaven

Palm Sunday
Duration:26 mins 13 secs

All the Way to Heaven

A Disciple’s Heart

20 March

Dear West View family

Today we enter the most important week in the Christian year. From Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday, we journey with Jesus to the cross. Beyond the cross lies the joy of the empty tomb. But that joy is a hollow one, until we have gazed upon the suffering that Jesus endured for the salvation of the world.

We’re thrilled to host the C-Mist Dance Group at this evening’s 6pm service. It’s going to be a beautiful presentation of the gospel – don’t miss it. As you prepare to worship God today, I invite you to pray this prayer of gathering.

Lord Jesus Christ, whose greatest moments of triumph happen

     on the back of a donkey's foal

          and nailed to a bloody cross,

     We gather to prepare the way for You

          in our lives and in our world.


May our time of worship today be a time of preparing the way for Jesus to walk into our lives with his saving love and power this Easter.


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