Sun, May 20, 2018

Save all you can

20 May 2018

Dear West View

Welcome to worship on Pentecost Sunday. Today we remember how the Holy Spirit came upon the first believers in a spectacular way, reminding us that despite Jesus’ ascension, God is STILL present with us in the person of God’s Holy Spirit. From our very beginnings, in every encounter, in our daily work, in our communities, indeed throughout the whole universe, the same Spirit of God that hovered over the waters at the creation, is with us, in us, transforming us inasmuch as we surrender our lives to God. I invite you to become aware of the Spirit’s presence with you right now.

During May Tithe Month, remember that one of the channels available for you to give through is SnapScan. Download the app on your smartphone, and scan the QR code on the bulletin during the offering time. As we move towards a cashless world, we anticipate more and more people making use of this facility for their Sunday offerings.

Grace and Peace


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