Sun, Sep 23, 2018


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23 September 2018

Dear West View family

Welcome to Worship! Friends this weekend is quite a special one, other than the fact that it is a long weekend with Monday being a Holiday, we celebrate something quite wonderfully special and that is our heritage! As we worship together today let’s keep in mind not only our own personal heritage but the heritage of this beautiful country in which we live and share community together in.

This is the final Sunday of the Elephant in the Room series and today will be discussing Racism and Prejudice. To some this topic may not be a big deal, and to others it may be something that is difficult or uncomfortable to even bring up. Whatever our stance is, I pray that God might move in us today and reveal this topic’s relevance, not only in our lives, but also our faith as we strive to draw closer to God’s own heart and character.

These past four weeks have been quite a journey for us as a congregation. Talking about these “Elephants” has been deeply thought provoking and challenging. May we truly take to heart the teaching of M. Scott Peck about moving from a Pseudo or false community to a True community, one that is joyful, realistic and transformational, filled with the grace, hope and peace that God gives. As we worship together today let us not only be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, but also with the spirit of Ubuntu as we allow ourselves to be open to God’s transformational power in our lives, and the lives of all South Africans.

Grace and Peace


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