Sun, Oct 07, 2018

Showing some respect

Duration:30 mins 40 secs

7 OCTOBER 2018

Dear West View family

How did it go with your prayers since last we met? I trust that last week’s sermon, daily devotions, and Home Group studies were helpful to you as you sought to grow in your life of prayer.

Richard Foster writes of the tangled emotions with which we all pray – selfless and selfish, merciful and hateful, loving and bitter. But he goes on to write: ‘What I have come to see is that God is big enough to receive us with all our mixture. We do not have to be bright, or pure, or filled with faith, or anything. This is what grace means, and not only are we saved by grace, we live by it as well. And we pray by it”.

As today we explore more of what life-changing prayer looks like, may we come to God aware that it is only by God’s grace that we enter into His powerful and transformative presence.
In gratitude for God’s grace



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