Sun, May 27, 2018

Give all you can

27 May 2018

Dear West View

Today marks the final week of our sermon series on John Wesley’s teaching on money. He challenges us to earn and save all we can, for a reason. The more we earn and save, the more we can give! As Christians we are called to a life of joyful generosity.

May is tithe month at West View. It is an opportunity to commit ourselves to a lifestyle of tithing. If you find giving 10% of your income every month to be impossible, would you consider at least giving generously from your May income? Or would you consider increasing your regular giving incrementally over the coming months. Set a goal and work towards it.

When we give to God’s church, we help his Kingdom to be made real in our community. As this community has blessed each one of us, so our giving will help to ensure it can bless many others for years to come. We are in this together!



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